Some fan facts about we know about Newton

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Some fan facts about we know about Newton

The fact that Newton is the world's most famous scientist of all time can be understood by analyzing his life.

Newton was born on Christmas Eve, 1842, in Ulster, England, after his father's death. As a child, his mother dropped him out of school because he was not interested in reading Newton's writings, but was very curious about instruments. Newton's mother brought him from school in the hope of becoming a successful farmer. 

At the age of 18 he was admitted to Cambridge University. Surprisingly, in a very short time, Newton became acquainted with all that mathematics and science were. He then focused on research independently.

This time in the middle of the seventeenth century was a significant time for scientific discovery. The discovery of the Galileo telescope at the turn of the century caused a great deal of excitement among astronomers.

At the time, two other well-known scientists were William Harby, who discovered the circulation of blood, and Johannes Koppler, who discovered that planets and stars have motion and that they revolve around the sun. Newton then advanced some of the ancient scientific theories into modern science. He came to the conclusion after careful examination that all colors of the rainbow in ordinary white light are his first discovery, the nature of light, the reflection and refraction of light. 

In 1856 he invented the first refracting telescope. Newton's wonderful contribution to mathematics was the discovery of integral mathematics. Advances in modern science would have been impossible without that discovery. 

Newton's R, O discovery: The rate of mass velocity of an object is equal to the force exerted on the change of the object, and the change in the velocity of the mass of the object occurs wherever the force acts. Another law of Newton: Every action, has an equal reaction. Newton then discovered the gravitational force of the earth. 

A new method of uniting the formulas is known, which later proves to be perfect in the construction of instruments, etc. After all this, the pendulum of the clock swings, the planets revolve around the sun, and the stars revolve in their respective orbits.

With the help of all these formulas, he has proved how it is possible to find out the position of the planets and stars in advance.

For all these reasons he is called the greatest scientist of all time. The credit for the advancement in modern science goes mostly to Newton.

This great scientist died in 1826. He was buried at Westminster Abbey. He was the first scientist to receive this rare honor.

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