How can you understand that your colleague jealous of you?

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Pretend to be very busy

Pretending to be busy even if there is no work and talking about tea break, it is better not to trust people who have a lot of work to do. With that somehow he wants to avoid you. Not only that, he doesn't really help you when it comes to work. But beware of such people.


Laughs at your skills

Let's say the boss praised your work in the office or a project that you have handled the whole thing in your own hands very successfully. And then he jokingly praised your skill. He said something in such a way that all the anger inside his mind was clear. This means he is not in a good mood at all.


Try to insult you all the time

Co-workers are going to lunch somewhere together, they also invited you. But realize that something is wrong somewhere. And even when he went there, he saw that everyone was making you fool. So, understand people first and then be friend.


Talk behind you

If someone's behavior or habits are bad, it's better to talk in front, but there are some people who love to talk behind the scenes. And they try their best to harm your career. Recognize such jealous people. Sweet talk does not mean being a good person.

Abdus Salam

Abdus Salam

Hi, I’m Abdus Salam, who left my career in corporate wealth management six years ago to embark on a summer of soul searching that would change the course of my life forever.