Unusual FACTS you will never believe:

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Unusual FACTS  you will never believe:

1.Dolphins sleep with one eye open: Dolphins are known to be some of the smartest animals on the planet, possibly because they can conserve brain power. Because they must constantly be on the lookout for predators, the marine mammals have developed an ingenious trick to maintain partial consciousness even when part of their brain is asleep. Researchers tested whether this "half-sleep" negatively affected the animals' alertness during the day, but they found that even after five days of constantly testing their nighttime alertness, they remained as awake and sharp-witted as ever. 



2.The largest padlock in the world weighs 916 pounds: The world's largest padlock (according to Guinness World Records) was developed by a team of students and teachers at Pavlovo Arts College in Russia and measures 56.8 inches in height, 41.3 inches in width and 10.2 inches in depth. In total, this massive lock, including the key, weighs 916 pounds. Whatever it's protecting probably weighs a lot more! 




3.The fuller the fridge, the more energy-efficient it is: 

An empty fridge not only makes it harder to decide what to snack on, it wastes valuable energy. It works like this: the emptier the fridge, the more cold air is displaced by warm air when you open the door, so the appliance has to generate cool air to replace it. When the fridge is full, less cool air escapes and less energy is needed to replenish it. The authors of The Kitchn go so far as to advise fridge owners to fill empty bottles with water to displace the empty air. 




4.Umbrellas were once only used by women: While umbrellas are used and appreciated by pretty much everyone who lives in rainy places, for centuries they were considered something used only by women - associated with the fashionable parasols women wore on nicer days to keep the sun off their skin. But in the mid-1800s, barriers began to fall as public figures like the philanthropist Jonas Hanway wore umbrellas to public events. Soon others became aware of the accessory's practical function, and it was not long before men were using them as often as women. 

5.For 20 years, a cat served as mayor of an Alaskan town: 

In 1997, an orange cat named Stubbs was appointed honorary mayor of the Alaskan town of Talkeetna. With a population of 772 in 2000, it would not have taken too many votes to earn the position (and the small town did not have a real, human mayor anyway), but Stubbs proved adept at the role, winning fans from around the world and "serving" in the position for years, greeting tourists and becoming a beloved symbol of the town until his death in 2017. 




6.One quarter of all your bones are located in your feet: 

We have 26 bones in each foot. That's 52 bones in both feet, out of 206 total bones in our whole body, which is more than 25 percent. That may sound crazy at first, but think about it. Your feet support your weight and allow you to jump, run, and also climb. Those bones and joints allow your feet to efficiently absorb and release energy. This is one of the reasons why humans can outrun any other animal in an endurance race. 



7.Sunglasses were originally designed for Chinese judges to hide their facial expressions in court: Nowadays, sunglasses serve as protective eyewear, effectively preventing harsh sunlight from causing discomfort or damage to our eyes. Of course, they are also a fashion accessory. But sunglasses were originally made of smoky quartz in 12th century China, where they were used by judges to hide their emotions when questioning witnesses. 



8.Bumblebees can fly higher than Mount Everest: If you thought it was impressive that humans could make it to the top of Mount Everest, you'll be stunned to find out that bumblebees can make it to the top, too. Researchers who tracked two bees that were able to fly to more than 29,525 feet which is higher than Everest. 


9.The Terminator sold for $1: 

The Terminator, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, grossed $78.3 million at the worldwide box office in 1984. As it went on, the franchise grossed over $1.4 billion - not bad for a movie whose rights were sold for a dollar. Before James Cameron became famous for directing blockbusters like Titanic and Avatar, he was just an unknown filmmaker with ambitious ideas. To get his film made, he handed over the rights to the script for a token amount on the condition that he would be allowed to direct the film. Despite the project's eventual success, Cameron later admitted that he regretted the decision to sell such a valuable story for such a small amount of money: "I wish I had not sold the rights for a dollar. If I had a little time machine and could only send back something the length of a tweet, it would say, 'Do not sell.' 



10.Crying makes you feel happier: 

It's not called "crying well" for nothing. Studies suggest that crying stimulates the production of endorphins, our body's natural painkiller, and feel-good hormones like oxytocin. In short, more crying ultimately leads to more smiling.


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