When will world war III break out?

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We know that world war III will not break out soon. But suppose if world war III breaks out what will be the reason behind this. And which factors will impact most. Here we will discuss some points which may play a great role for World War III.

The superpowers do not seem to have the will to wage an all-out war. But it is not impossible for this idea to be proven wrong in the future. A recent report from the Pentagon recommends that the United States build a medium-sized nuclear weapon. The recommendation states that if such weapons are not developed, the United States will lag behind in arms training. The superpowers are angry at the Pentagon report. Russia has accused the United States of inciting war. China says the US attitude is a manifestation of the Cold War mentality. Experts predict that the Cold War could erupt in the future as well as in the past. But the Cold War will be different.



Competition between the United States, Russia and China is public. And there is definitely a military dimension to this competition. Russia and China in particular are reluctant to accept US hegemony in any way. They have been challenging the US-backed international system. At the regional level they are becoming very strong. Has built a strong sphere of influence. In some cases, the superpowers have proved that they are ready to use military force to protect their interests. In this context, the threat of war between the superpowers cannot be completely ruled out.

2. Economy

China is very strong economically now. They are also enriching their military power. China now wants to make time its own. Russia's current leadership is working to recover the country's lost heroism. China and Russia have invested heavily in the military over the past decade to counter the United States. Russia and China, two members of the Security Council, have stated opposition to using force or imposing sanctions on Iran.


3. Arrogance of the superpowers

There is no end to the arrogance of the superpowers with nuclear weapons. Again, this weapon is the cause of their concern. The ‘command and control’ system of nuclear weapons can be temporarily ineffective in cyber attacks. In addition to the fears of Russia and China, the United States could threaten their (China and Russia) nuclear weapons through technological advances. China and Russia are also working on the weapon. Russian President Vladimir Putin has blamed thousands of coffins from Afghanistan for the collapse of the Soviet Union. So he wants to avoid casualties in war. There are signs in Syria of the nature of future wars. He has used as many private military contractors as possible in the country.


4. America-North Korea Confliction

War is raging on the Korean Peninsula. US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un are both crazy. He is threatening each other. The two countries are constantly threatening to dust each other off. The threat of nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula cannot be ruled out. Analysts say the war will not be one-sided. If war breaks out, North Korea will launch intense attacks on water, land and air. They will not shy away from using biological, chemical and nuclear weapons. Whatever the war, it could spread to the whole region. Millions of people could be killed.


5. War inside the state
Syria has been in civil war for almost seven years. The age of the ongoing civil war in Yemen is also approaching three years. Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt, Turkey, Somalia, Nigeria, Niger, Chad and many other countries of the world are plagued by terrorism, militancy, separatism and ethnic conflict. Bleeding is a regular occurrence in these countries. Climate change, population growth, the spread of racial hatred and fundamentalism could further escalate the conflict within the state in the days ahead.

6. Advanced Robot
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is improving rapidly. However, there are concerns about the issue. This technology can change the way people think about war. Creating an autonomous weapons system using AI will allow robots to make human-like decisions on their own. Killer robots can turn the battlefield upside down. Many, including Stephen Hawking, oppose the technology before it becomes a reality.


7. Hybrid war
Hybrid war will increase in the future. Multiple tactics are used against opponents in this war. In order to achieve the objective, both regular and irregular strategies are combined here. Hybrid warfare can have a mix of military, political, economic, diplomatic, intelligence activities. It uses tools such as terrorism, indiscriminate violence, criminal activity, misinformation, propaganda, infiltration, and hacking. Russia's recent role in Ukraine is illustrated in the explanation of the hybrid war. Russia's involvement in the US presidential election is part of this war strategy. China is engaged in a similar war. Iran is using Hezbollah in a hybrid war to build influence.


8. Information war
The signs of the information war have already become clear. As the days go by, the scale and impact of the information war will continue to intensify. With the help of the state, information is being hacked, information is being leaked, untruths, truth-lies are being spread, false news is being spread. Russia has probably shown how effective the information war is in this age of the Internet revolution. Allegations of Russian interference in the US presidential election are strong. An investigation is underway. Facebook authorities have acknowledged that thousands of posts from Russia were released before and after the US presidential election. Russia's unsubstantiated post on Facebook may have been viewed by millions of users in the United States. Units have been created in the Russian army to conduct information wars. Opponents certainly don’t sit still.


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